InhollandRotterdam Videopitch2023CYT 16okt

InhollandRotterdam Videopitch2023CYT 16okt

Locatie: Noord-Holland


Assignment for Inholland Rotterdam students: Pitch yourself for a position

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Entrepreneurs need to be able to sell a story or an idea. A pitch is important but underestimated by so many. Pitching will help you get that job, and pitching will help you sell an idea. It is a skill worth mastering when you want to work in a commercial work field.

Assignment: Pitch for a job or an internship

You are a student and has just finished education. You are looking for that first job and have registered at a job event. Than you see a brand that you always had an interest in and could be the company that suits your ambitions. Today you are lucky, because not only the recruiter of that company is in the stand, but also the head of sales has taken the time to attend. You only have one shot to make a good introduction of yourself.

Watch the lesson of Pitching (Sales curriculum) and make your pitch with the components explained by the teacher. To inspire you and help you on your way you can watch the Pitch of student Aron HERE.

Make the recording and upload your pitch via the application button.

Fill in your data and use the function ‘upload a video’. In the field for remarks make a short summary that this is for your Inholland assignment accompanied with your student number as well as resumé. 

Functie eisen

Maximum 200 MB and with the following extensions MOV, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, 3GP and WEBM. Keep it short from 0.30 seconds till 1,5 minute. Your pitch will be assessed at:

  • ??The pitch components;
  • Impactful communication;
  • Distinctiveness;
  • Use of ethos, pathos, logos;
  • Call to action.


  • Start with a clear introduction of yourself. Who are you, what moves you, what is your ambition;
  • Be creative, use humour, start with a fact, or a question to get the attention right away;
  • Think about your total presentation. Pitching in a suit will get you an extra point already;
  • Speak with passion, and enthusiasm, use your voice and hands;
  • And do not forget about the call to action.

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