Marketing vs sales (deel 3)
Marketing vs sales (deel 3)
/ Geschreven door Ruth Kremer
Marketing vs sales (deel 3)

Door: Marie-José van den Kommer

Het laatste artikel in de serie Sales vs Marketing (voorlopig temninste) gaat over de samenwerking tussen sales & marketing. Belangrijk is dat beide disciplines elkaar beter gaan begrijpen en door synergie betere resultaten kunnen boeken. Ik vond een aardig interview waarin wordt gesteld:

The main reason is the most people do not know what Sales and Marketing truly is. Marketing is selling to the millions, but selling is marketing to one person, and there in lies the difference and misunderstanding.

Daarom hieronder een aantal zaken die marketeers over sales personen moeten weten en sales personen over marketeers: (bron: Seth Godin):

9 zaken die marketeers over sales mensen moeten weten:

  1. Selling is hard. Harder than you may ever realize. So, if I seem stressed, cut me some slack.
  2. Selling is personal. When I make a promise, I have to keep it. If you force me to break that promise (by changing processes, features or a rollout schedule) I will never forgive you.
  3. Selling is interpersonal. I am not moving bits, I’m trying to change people’s minds, one person at a time. So, no, I can’t tell you when the sale will close. No one knows, especially the prospect.
  4. I love selling. I particularly love selling great stuff, well marketed. Don’t let me down. Don’t ask me to sell lousy stuff.
  5. I’m extremely focused on the reward half of the equation. Salespeople love to keep score, and that’s how I keep score. So don’t change the rules in the middle, please.
  6. I have no earthly idea what really works. I don’t know if it’s lunch or that powerpoint or the Christmas card I sent last year. But you know what? You have no clue what works either. I’ll keep experimenting if you will.
  7. There is no comparison, NONE, between an inbound call (one that you created with marketing) and a cold call (one that you instructed me to create with a phone book.) Your job is to make it so I never need to make a cold call.
  8. Usually, customers lie when they turn me down. They make up reasons. But every once in a while, I actually learn something in the field. Ask!
  9. I know you’d like to get rid of me and just take orders on the web. But that’s always going to be the low-hanging fruit. The game-changing sales, at least for now, come from real people interacting with real people.

2 zaken die sales personen over marketeers moeten weten:

  1. I know that selling is hard and unpredictable. But if you’re going to be in sales, you’ve got to be prepared to measure and predict and plan. You need to give me sales reports and call lists and summaries. It does neither of us any good to keep your day a secret. If you don’t plan and organize, I can’t do my job of marketing.
  2.  The two worst pieces of feedback you can give me (because neither is really actionable or especially effective): a. lower the price and b. make our product just like our competitors

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